Race Feedback


I will do this race again — very professionally organized. Thank you to all who put this event on.

Thank you for a great race. Really nice and a great medal.

[Talking about the firefighters] — I have to say this is one of my favorite parts of the race. This was my third quarter and 2nd time getting to see these amazing men. I was running behind them for a short amount of time and if that's not inspiring I'm not sure what is. CONGRATULATIONS to them!

[Talking about the firefighters] — "What an awesome sight!!! Thank u for being a fire fighters!!! Inspired.

Great event…well organized. We will be back next year!

I've never been given an ice cold towel at a finish line before, but that. was. amazing. Thanks DGC! Thank you to all of the volunteers and staff. Very well organized event.

Thanks so much for all of your hard work. Always have a fantastic time at your races. This one is definitely tops. Thank you!

Thanks to all the hundreds of volunteers that put in the work to allow me to have fun! DB, it was a pleasure to give you a high five as I crossed the line today! Brought a smile to my face!!

I will do this race again — very professionally organized. Thank you to all who put this event on.

Top notch event. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and came in with a much quicker and easier day than expected. I thought the course layout was great, the hills were awesome, I am glad I trained for them. The post event food was plentiful and well arranged. Keep up the good work with your events in the future. I will be back for many more. Thank you for putting on a great event.

Thanks to all the volunteers today at Emerald City, you are amazing!

This was my first time running this race and I LOVED it! So many amazing volunteers made this a great event. The icy towels and chocolate milk were just icing on the cake! Thanks for a great event.


Hey, I just want to thank you all for such a great race yesterday! I was really impressed with a lot of things yesterday, but most importantly I was impressed with how you handled the weather situation. You made sure everyone knew what was happening or what could happen and you did it really well! I am sure the weather was on everyone's minds and you did a great job!

Also, loved the T-shirts and the medals! Great addition to my collection. I am actually running 26 races this year (trying to run as many M3S Sports ones as possible) and I am making a t-shirt quilt out of all of my race shirts, so I always look forward to fun shirts to add to the quilt. (It is kinda a bummer to cut up some of those shirts because I really like a lot of them BUT, a lot of my shirts say something about "Celebrating" so, that is fun!)

OH PLUS, I totally forgot my bib and chip tag at home. When I told the people at the registration desk they were really helpful in getting me a new bib with no problem! Thanks so much for having your staff aid in any last minute problems!

The post race party at B-dubs was one of the best you have had yet!

Loved loved loved the whole thing yesterday! And I am not 100% sure, but I think the female winner was wearing the shoes that we got the coupon for. Which, I think is a fun advertisement right there. That whole $50 off thing is great as well! I wore my shoes in a 5K the other day (took them out of the box at the race) and I won my age group which hasn't happened in a long time! It's probably because it was a really small local 5K, but I like to think it was my new shoes ;)

So thanks for helping me put yet another race "in the books" for the year (hearing that has become one of my favorite parts of racing, so keep that up!).

See you at Oktoberfest!

Laneda "Rose" Smith